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Summer In Siam | Only In Thailand!

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Dreaming of a summer in Siam?

Are you dreaming of a summer in Siam, Thailand?  Moving to Thailand may not be for everyone, especially for people who aren’t used to being  flexible when things don’t function similar to stringent western norms & standards.

Thailand is a country where the food is usually delicious, the traffic is chaotic, but the country makes you feel alive.  If you move to Thailand, you might experience your mind opening up to different ways of thinking, you might stave of alzheimer’s disease, meet nice people, be surprised that you can leave your expensive laptop in a café unattended and it will still be there when you return,  and you might find yourself falling in love with this tropical country where life can be difficult, but everyone smiles.

Learning to speak Thai will initially make your head spin, but keep your brain young and healthy.  Pro Tip: learn the Thai alphabet, as it will greatly advance your understanding of the Thai language.

Learning to eat dishes other than “Kao Phad” (fried rice) will enhance your enjoyment of a multitude of flavors and open your tastebuds to new experiences.

Try Durian.  It’s not for everyone, but there is reason it’s called the “King of fruits”

Eat along the roadside at Kwiteaw & Kanom Jin restaurants.  You can eat wonderful food for less than $1 USD/person.

“When it’s Summer in Siam
And the moon is full of rainbows
When it’s Summer in Siam
And we go through many changes
When it’s Summer in Siam
Then all I really know
Is that I truly am
In the Summer in Siam” – The Pogues

Only In Thailand Do I Feel Like I’m Home…


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I was born in Bangkok Thailand, but grew up in the USA, Middle East and for a brief time, Southern and Central France. I moved to Hua Hin with my wife and daughter in 2010 and opened our Agency in 2012. Since then, we have successfully sold hundreds of properties all over Hua Hin and it's surrounding neighborhoods.

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